Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Members

  • Jack L.
  • Lord Naseby
  • K.J. Cassidy
  • Sparky
  • Nick L.
  • CACB
  • MMB
  • Bob M.
  • Hawaiianguy2991
  • Devon F.
  • Joseph S.
  • ninja13
  • AndysFilms
  • CriscoOne
  • Chris O.
  • Francisco R.
  • Rohit R.
  • Scace
  • wxDeadpoolmwam
  • Vampire Reilly
  • Adam Moody
  • Michael S.
  • Jeff S.C.
  • Ken H.
  • Courtney W.
  • SammuelJankis
  • Bethann E.
  • voxdepopuli
  • Scott W.
  • ChrisCinephile
  • Dazz Camponi
  • Harry F.
  • Jesus Of Suburbia
  • Blitzkreig
  • Jhon E.
  • Over The Rising Sun
  • Cory B.
  • Aditya Gokhale


  1. Jeff you be the group leader and you select the board members. There're just five spots and everyone wants to be a board member, so you decide.

  2. I hope my vote for Vampire Reilly came through. I don't see it.

  3. My submission for Member review of the week.

  4. My submission for Member Review Of The Week.

  5. My submission for the first MROTW board:

  6. Is this where im supose to join?

  7. Jeff, when is the voting going to be up?

  8. I sent out a message on RT, but I don't think it went through. I plan on cutting off submissions at 6pm tonight RT time. By tomorrow I hope to have all votes from the Board, so that I can tally them up and release the nominees. No worries, everything is going smooth so far. :)

  9. Jeff I got your message when I got home today so I missed the time I was supose to send in a review by.. But I was just wondering am I supose to send it to you on RT and then you post it here? Or do I leave it in a comment on here?

  10. Either way, even an email would work. Any way as long as you can be positive the message was sent works fine.

  11. Bethann, it's better you send it here. We want to keep this as independent of RT as possible.

  12. Jeff,

    I did not get your message through RT. Surprise. I am sending you my nominee now.

  13. If anyone needs to contact me, just email me.

    I'm talking to you Marc. :P

  14. Sorry, I didn't make a submission this week. I was really bogged down with work. I will try to get one in next week. I am all for this.

  15. when was the last time this was edited?!